Central Amusement can provide the perfect mix of interactive equipment for your employee fun day, company tradeshow, hospitality suite, school fundraiser, or any other special event large or small.

Rent a single machine or let Central Amusement design a package that's right for your event and your budget.

Please browse through our wide selection of games below and if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just ask for it by emailing info@centralamuse.com or by calling 902-752-6164.


Dance Machines
  Dance Machines   Put your best foot forward with Central's dance machines. Players can play single or head to head as they mimic the dance moves on screen by stepping on the arrows on the dance floor as they light up. A lot of fun and a lot of laughs seeing who is and who isn't light on their feet.
Golden Tee Golf
  Golden Tee Golf   One of the most popular sports games ever produced. Since its inception in 1989, more than 20 versions of Golden Tee have been introduced to keep up with demand for new golf courses for players to conquer...
Super Chexx Bubble Hockey
  Super Chexx Bubble Hockey   This is a classic, Canada versus Russia. Very simple and fun game to play for all ages with lots of sound effects and electronic scoring - and if a game is tied after the normal game play it will automatically go into sudden death overtime - so there's always a winner!
  Foosball   Foosball, also known as table soccer, two to four can play, head to head action or two teams of two can compete against one another.
Air Hockey
  Air Hockey   A classic that never goes out of style. A 2 player game that is fast and competitive, first player to seven goals wins.
Pinball Machines
  Pinball Machines   Central Amusement has a wide assortment of pinball titles available (e.g., Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Getaway, Elvira, Terminator Two, Batman Forever, to name a few). We can supply a specific title upon request or a mix of the most popular games.
Racing Games
  Racing Games   Central Amusment has a number of different "sit down" racing games available choose either cars or motorcycles and let the fun begin. Rent an individual unit for single player play or two units for head to head racing action and fun.
Standard Video Games
  Standard Video Games   Central Amusement has a wide assortment of traditional arcade style video games (e.g., upright driving games, shooting games, martial arts, sports themes etc). We can recommend a single unit or a mix of machines suitable for any audience.
Punching Bag
  Punching Bag   The Boxer offers three play modes: strength test, speed test, and tournament mode. The first two modes measure power and reflexes, displaying the score on a digital display. In tournament mode, three to nine players can compete for three rounds, plus a practice round...
Hunting Games
  Hunting Games   Set your sights on North American wild game with Big Buck Hunter Pro or shoot for more exotic fare in Big Buck Safari. Both games feature photo realistic high definition habitats. Safari offers 15 unique hunting treks stretching from desert dunes through grassy savannas to the lush jungles in search of the "Big Game".
Arm Wrestler
  Arm Wrestler   Twist your rubber arm with this crowd pleasing strength tester.
Deal or No Deal
  Deal or No Deal   It's as close to standing next to Howie Mandel as you'll ever want to get. This officially licensed Deal or No Deal offers game play exactly like the popular TV show and can be set up to vend tickets that could then be redeemed for prizes at your event or fundraiser...
Candy Crane
  Candy Crane   Scoop up a clawful of sugary goodness every time. This game allows players to continue playing until they win a scoopful of candy. Central Amusement can supply the candy for you (at additional cost) or you can fill the crane yourself with candy or healthier alternatives.
Carnival Hammer Game
  Deal or No Deal   Bring the hammer down on good times. This midway-style hammer game tests players strength and is suitable for all ages. Be sure to rope off some space around this game to allow players to really wind up.
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