Business Card c.1950

Central Amusement Co. Ltd. of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, is a third generation family firm that has been distributing coin-operated machines for over 60 years. Founded in 1947 with a single juke box, Central has navigated six decades of technological advancements and social change. From Pong to Pac-Man, from the first Atari home entertainment system to today's X-Box 360, Central Amusement has continually adapted its business to remain relevant with consumers.

Today, Central operates machines across Atlantic Canada in a mix of company owned family entertainment centres (operated under the banners Sparkles and Starcade) as well larger corporate partners like Empire Theatres, Dooly's, and West Side Charlies to name a few. The company also has hundreds of smaller customers like bars, bowling alleys, and restaurants. In fact, if you've placed a quarter in a video game, pinball, pool table, jukebox, air hockey, or novelty game anywhere in Atlantic Canada, chances are it was a Central machine.

Family Entertainment Center

Although Central Amusement attributes its success in the amusement industry to many factors, reliable customer service is at the forefront. Management keeps in personal contact with all customers and well-trained employees are strategically located throughout Atlantic Canada to ensure an exceptional level of service is maintained.

Satisfying patrons who play the games is of no less importance to the company. Central Amusement utilizes its large volume of amusement machines to keep location titles fresh and it continues to invest in the latest games to provide patrons and locations with exciting new products.

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